Haste Töne / Sounds

Art in public space can not only be installed at a roundabout; the circle itself can become a work of art, as the artist collective Inges Idee demonstrates on this site directly on the Rhine. Inspired by the basic form of the double circle, they interpret the street as a larger-than-life record player, erecting a humorous monument to the outdated but still iconic technology of analogue sound pickup. While the silver spike dominates the centre, the street itself becomes a record. Kerbside, the sound pickup awaits its clue. Meanwhile, the cars circle the orange-green-turquoise label, each creating its own melody depending on driving style, speed, and direction.



Inges Idee

Das Künstlerkollektiv Inges Idee wurde in Berlin gegründet von Hans Hemmert (* 1960 in Hollstadt), Axel Lieber (* 1960 in Düsseldorf), Thomas A. Schmidt (* 1960 in Nürnberg) und Georg Zey (* 1962 in Limburg an der Lahn).
Inges Idee beschäftigt sich mit Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. Neben dem Arbeiten in der Gruppe sind alle Mitglieder in ihrer individuellen künstlerischen Praxis aktiv.

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Monheim am Rhein
roundabout Berliner Ring and Bleer Straße, 40789 Monheim
Inges Idee
30 metres (diameter)
asphalt, coloured EPDM surfacing, duplex-coated steel, stainless steel
Object types
Art in traffic circles, Sculpture